HC Deb 14 August 1919 vol 119 cc1608-9
25. Sir J. BUTCHER

asked the Home Secretary on what terms and conditions-Germans are now being admitted into this country and what restrictions are imposed on them as to the place and duration of their residence here; and whether the Germans whose businesses were wound up-under the Trading With the Enemy Act, 1916, are permitted to return to this country and restart their businesses?


Two categories of German subjects are at present being admitted to the United Kingdom: (1) British born wives who have urgent reasons for coming here, such as the serious illness of a parent; no conditions are imposed on their landing; (2) German business men who can prove that their visit to this country will be for the benefit of British trade. Such men are admitted subject to appropriate conditions as to the duration of their stay and the places that they visit, and they are required to register forthwith with the police and report to them all temporary changes of residence. Germans who have been repatriated are not being permitted to return to restart their businesses.


Can the right hon. Gentleman tell the House what are these conditions of residence under which Germans are admitted here?


The conditions are that they report their residence and report any change of residence.

Captain W. BENN

Would the right hon. Gentleman kindly say is this country at peace with Germany?


Will the right hon. Gentleman, when he gives permits to Germans, bear in mind the pledges given at the General Election by the Prime Minister, the Leader of the House, and the present Lord Chancellor?


Will the right hon. Gentleman say how the visits of German business men to this country will be for the benefit of the trade of this country?