HC Deb 14 August 1919 vol 119 c1718

(2) Subject as aforesaid, the Board may make Regulations and give directions as to the constitution, powers, and procedure of committees established under this Section, and the districts for which they shall act, which Regulations and directions shall have effect as though enacted in this Act:

Provided also that any such Regulation shall not be deemed to be a statutory Rule within the meaning of Section one of the Rules Publication Act, 1893.


I beg to move, to leave out the words, "Provided also that any such regulation shall not be deemed to be a statutory rule within the meaning of Section one of the Rules Publication Act, 1893."

These words were inserted in the Committee last night. Following the insertion of the proviso requiring the regulations to be published, we were advised by the draftsman on duty at the moment that those words were required in the Bill. It appeared after fuller consideration that this was covered by the permanent provision dealing with the Board of Trade.

Amendment agreed to.


The next Amendment is a manuscript Amendment to Clause 6.


Before this Amendment is moved may I ask whether Clause 3 as it stands is not really a repetition of the Municipal Authorities Enabling Bill which was rejected in this House on Second Beading, enabling authorities by order of the Board of Trade to establish businesses and does the Clause not put into this Bill what was actually refused a Second Reading by this House at the beginning of the Session?


It is sometimes found that second thoughts are best. It is open to the House to revise its decision provided that it is not asked to agree to or disagree with identically the same question. That is not the case here.