HC Deb 14 August 1919 vol 119 c1781

(2) Where it is proposed to acquire any land forming part of a park or any such home farm, or, except where required for purposes of allotments, a holding of fifty acres or less in extent or of an annual value not exceeding fifty pounds for the purposes of Income Tax, or any part of such a holding, the Order authorising the acquisition of the land shall not be valid unless conurmed or made by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Lords Amendment:

At the end of Sub-section (2) insert the words (3) A holding to which the preceding Subsection applies shall not in whole or in part be compulsorily acquired under the principal Act by the Board or a Council where it is shown to the satisfaction of the Board or the Council, as the case may be, that the holding is the principal means of livelihood of the occupier thereof, except where the occupier is a tenant and consents to the acquisition.


I beg to move, "That this House doth agree with the Lords in the said Amendment."

The object of this new Sub-section is to make it perfectly clear that a small property of less than 50 acres shall not be bought for the purposes of a small holding if it has been the principal means of livelihood of the existing occupier. It was never intended that this should be done, but this makes it perfectly certain.

Question put, and agreed to.