HC Deb 13 August 1919 vol 119 cc1551-94

Order read for consideration of Lords Amendments.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Lords Amendments be now considered."


I have no intention of making, and it is very little use making a speech now, but I cannot allow the Motion that these Amendments be now considered, at twelve minutes to six o'clock, to go without a protest. This Bill is one of the important fundamental Bills of the Government policy of reconstruction. It was nineteen days in the Grand Committee, three or four days in the Report stage, and has taken several days in the House of Lords. It is now brought back for us to consider several very important Amendments. There are some of those Amendments with which the Government will propose to disagree, thereby promoting trouble between the two Houses. These Amendments will possibly involve us in a quarrel with the other House. I do not think we ought to be asked to take them at twelve minutes to six in the morning after being up all night sitting to consider another Bill. Many of us are deeply interested in this Bill, and we tried to improve it on the Report stage. I do not intend now to discuss whether the Lords Amendments are an improvement or not. I simply submit my protest to the Government. I know they are here to force this Bill through now, whether or not there is opposition argument of Amendments proposed. They are not going to listen to any opposition or argument. I feel that I would not be discharging my duty if, after the efforts we have made to improve the Bill in previous stages, I were now to allow this Motion to go without a protest and without making my own protest.


I should like to say, in addition to what the hon. Member has just said, with every word of which I agree, that I hope the other House will take notice of the extremely difficult conditions under which we are considering their Amendments, of great importance, and to which the other House evidently has given considerable thought, and, if the con- sideration of these Amendments turns out to be somewhat perfunctory, that they would not hesitate to exercise their constitutional rights in the matter.

Question put, and agreed to.

Lords Amendments accordingly considered.

TITLE—An Act to Establish a Ministry of Ways and Communications and for Purposes Connected Therewith.

Lords Amendment:

Leave out the words "Ways and Communications," and insert instead thereof the word "Transport."—Agreed to.

  1. CLAUSE 1—(Appointment of Minister of Ways and Communications.) 61 words
  2. c1552
  3. CLAUSE 2.—(Powers and Duties.) 89 words
  4. cc1552-7
  5. CLAUSE 3.—(Power to Control Temporarily Railways, etc.) 2,045 words
  6. cc1557-8
  7. CLAUSE 4.—(Saving for Statutory Horbour, Dock and Pier Authorities.) 325 words
  8. c1558
  9. CLAUSE 6.—(Power to Retain Lands, etc.) 112 words
  10. cc1558-60
  11. CLAUSE 7.—(Provisions as to Officers and Servants.) 734 words
  12. cc1560-1
  13. CLAUSE 8.—(Claims against and by the Minister in Respect of Exercise of Powers.) 726 words
  14. cc1561-3
  15. CLAUSE 9.—(Power to Establish Transport Services.) 589 words
  16. cc1563-7
  17. Clause 11.—(Appeal as to Bridges.) 1,707 words
  18. cc1567-8
  19. CLAUSE 12.—(Powers as to Railway Wagons.) 389 words
  20. cc1568-9
  21. CLAUSE 13.—(Power to Discharge Capital Liabilities by issue of Stock.) 562 words
  22. cc1569-70
  23. CLAUSE 14."—(Incorporation of certain Sections.) 175 words
  24. c1570
  25. CLAUSE 16."—(Power to make Advances for Certain Purposes.) 121 words
  26. c1570
  27. Clause 17."—(Accounts, Statistics, and Returns.) 109 words
  28. cc1570-81
  29. CLAUSE B.—(Rates Advisory Committees.) 4,838 words, 1 division
  30. c1581
  31. CLAUSE 20.—(Roads Advisory Committee.) 161 words
  32. cc1582-6
  33. CLAUSE 21.—(Advisory Committees.) 1,817 words
  34. cc1586-7
  35. CLAUSE 23.—(Staff and Remuneration.) 87 words
  36. c1587
  37. CLAUSE 24.—(Seal, Style and Acts of Minister.) 259 words
  38. c1587
  39. CLAUSE 25.—(Ability of Minister and Secrtaries to Sit in Parliament.) 74 words
  40. c1588
  41. CLAUSE 26.—(Provisions as to Orders in Council,) 92 words
  42. cc1588-91
  43. CLAUSE C.—(Provision as to Orders in Council Relating to the Acquisition of Lund and the. Construction of Works.) 1,524 words
  44. cc1591-2
  45. CLAUSE 27.—(Short Title and Interpretation.) 408 words
  46. cc1592-4
  47. SECOND SCHEDULE. 622 words