HC Deb 12 August 1919 vol 119 cc1078-9

asked the Secretary of State for War when the use of motor cars by the military in this country will be reduced to the pre-war establishment?

Captain GUEST

Orders have already been issued, and will be in general operation in the course of a few days, for a considerable reduction and consequent withdrawal of motor cars used by the military in the United Kingdom. The effect of these orders entails the immediate withdrawal of over 500 cars. A still further reduction will be made when the units formed during the War have been either demobilised altogether or reduced to cadres. I would remind my hon. and gallant Friend that motor transport, already on the increase in 1914, will be much more largely employed in the future than hitherto, and that to a certain extent it is replacing horse transport.

Colonel ASHLEY

Do we understand from that that when the recently formed units are disbanded individual officers will be in exactly the game position in 1920 as they were in 1914 as regards having motor cars at their disposal?

Captain GUEST

I think my hon. and gallant Friend may draw that conclusion. There is no intention of increasing transport facilities for officers.

Commander Viscount CURZON

Does the reply refer only to the War Office or to other Departments of the Government?

Captain GUEST

The question was only directed to the War Office. I cannot answer for any other Department.