HC Deb 12 August 1919 vol 119 c1103
69. Mr. RODGER

asked the Secretary for Scotland whether he would confer with representative building trade workers to ascertain if they were willing to recommend or arrange that the urgent work of providing suitable houses for the working classes should be carried out under such special conditions as would ensure the erection of good dwellings within a reason able time at a moderate cost?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Sir R. Home)

I have been asked by my right hon. Friend to reply to this question. The Building Resettlement Committee of the Building Industrial Council have been considering the whole question of labour supply in connection with the housing programme, both for England, Wales, and Scotland. The Committee is presenting a Report to the Industrial Council this week. I cannot, of course, anticipate what action will be taken by the Council upon this Report, but I can say that the proceedings of the Committee have been marked by a real desire to help the Government in carrying out the housing programme.

73. Sir A. SPROT

asked the Secretary for Scotland whether he could give the figures as regards schemes approved, number of houses proposed, and estimated cost relating to housing schemes in the Cupar and St. Andrew's districts of the county of Fife and also in the burghs adjacent to or included in these two districts?


No housing scheme for any of the districts or burghs, referred to in the question has been approved by the Scottish Board of Health and no figures as to estimated costs are available. The proposals submitted to date by these local authorities provide for the erection of 455 houses under the scheme of State-assistance. I am sending my hon. and gallant Friend a statement showing in regard to each of the districts and burghs referred to the exact position at which the housing proposals of the local authorities stand at this date.