HC Deb 07 August 1919 vol 119 cc520-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland if he will state how many prosecutions for street collecting without permit have been instituted in Ireland in each year since the passing of the Act 6 and 7 Geo. V., c. 31; how many of these cases in each year were tried at Petty Sessions, by courts-martial, or by other tribunal, respectively; how many cases in each year resulted in convictions; how many of those convicted in each year were fined, imprisoned, bound to peace or good behaviour, or otherwise punished, respectively; whether in any of these cases the collections were proved to be for bogus charities, against which the Act was understood to be directed; and, if so, in how many?


With the Noble Lord's permission, I will publish the reply, which is rather long and in tabular form, in the Official Report.


Will he answer the last part of the question, as to whether in any of these cases the collections were proved to be for bogus charities, against which the Act was understood to be directed?


The hon. Gentleman will find that dealt with in a note to the table.


But surely a note to the table cannot answer whether the Act

Period. Total No. of cases tried. No. of case tried at Petty Sessions. No. of case tried by Resident Magistrates out of petty Sessions. No. of case tried by Courts under Criminal Law and Procedure Act. No. of case in which convictions were obtained. No. of cases dismissed. No. of Persons fined. No. of Persons imprisoned in default of payment of fine No. of Persons ordered to be imprisoned without fine. No. of Persons cautioned. No, of Persons ordered to find bail to keep the Peace.
No. who gave bail. No. ordered to be imprisoned in default.
1916 2 2 2 2 2
1917 140 140 73 67 66 16 4 3
1918 74 74 49 25 53 18
1919 (to 31st July) 165 149 11 5 142 6 132 2 20 2 3 31

None of these cases were tried by courts-martial, and none of the cases were the collections proved to be for bogus charities. In the great majority of cases the collections were for Sinn Fein purposes, and the persona concerned were prosecuted for disobeying the Jaw by collecting without a permit.

Statement giving the information as regards the Dublin Metropolitan Police districts:

Year. Number prosecuted Number convicted. Fined. Other punishments.
1918 66 64 48 16
1919 (to 31 July) 58 57 46 11

All these cases were tried before the Dublin police magistrates, and none of the collections were being made for bogus charities.

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