HC Deb 07 August 1919 vol 119 cc515-7
4. Mr. RAPER

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he has any information as to how many Greek Orthodox priests have been done to death by the Soviet Government in Central Russia; and whether a single in stance is known of the said Government having dealt in the same way with any Jewish rabbi?


The answer to both parts of the question is in the negative.

5. Mr. RAPER

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will state what steps are being taken by the British Government or by the League of Nations to put a stop to the pogrom of the Christian population in Central Russia, which has now been going on for the last eighteen months under the auspices of the Russian Soviet Government?


His Majesty's Government are not in a position to exercise any influence on the actions of the Russian Soviet Government inside Bolshevik Russia. As far as the League of Nations is concerned I would remind my hon. Friend that that body still remains to be constituted.

6. Mr. RAPER

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the following are the leading representatives of the Russian Soviet Government, Messrs. Trotsky, whose real name is Bronstein, Zinovieff, real name Apfelbaum, Kamenev, real name Rosenfeldt, Radek, real name Sobelson, Yoffe, Steklov, real name Nakhamkes, Sokolnikov, real name Brillant, Posern, Unshlikht, Grinberg, Skripnik, and Litvinov, real name Finkelstein?


Before my hon. Friend answers may I ask whether this and the two previous questions are intended to stir up anti-Jewish feeling and provoke pogroms in Russia?


The hon. Gentleman who asked them is better able to answer that question than I am.

In reply to the question on the paper, I understand that the persons mentioned by my hon. Friend are some of the leading representatives of the Russian Soviet Government. I am, however, unable to state whether the names given are all correct.


Is it a fact that the majority of these men are of Jewish origin, and further that these Jewish criminals, whom every decent Jew disowns, constitute the National Government in Central Russia?

Lieut.-Colonel W. GUINNESS

May I ask whether many of these men have not got strong German connections, and that the efforts they have made to conceal their German origin are very strong evidence of their underground connection with our former enemies?


I think the facts as to the Soviet Government in Russia are very generally understood.

Brigadier-General CROFT

Is not Peter the Painter a trusted councillor?