HC Deb 07 August 1919 vol 119 cc535-6
36. Mr. SWAN

asked whether three promotions to the rank of overseer were made at Dundee during the week ending 26th July; whether the three men have been promoted over more capable officers who have had many more years of service and experience; whether one of the men promoted had not yet reached the maximum of the rank and file; whether he is aware that none of the men promoted have shown any special ability or had any experience of the higher duties for any length of time, and that one of the men passed over has been acting as overseer and is still performing such duties with satisfaction; and whether, in view of the dissatisfaction created by what is regarded as favouritism, he will call for the whole of the papers and have the promotions reconsidered?


The three officers to whom the hon. Member refers were promoted because, from experience of their work and abilities, they were regarded by their superior officers as the best qualified for the higher duties. I cannot agree with the hon. Member's estimate of their capacity. It is not necessary that an officer should have attained the maximum pay of his class in order to qualify for promotion. It has been necessary during the War to employ some of the officers now passed over as substitutes on overseer's duties, but they have not shown that they possess such good qualifications for advancement as the officers now selected.


Is it not the intention of the Government to give consideration to these men's special ability and knowledge for promotion instead of promoting men who have not shown any special ability?


Yes, certainly it is.