HC Deb 07 August 1919 vol 119 cc556-7

(by Private Notice) asked the Minister of Labour whether he can make any statement with reference to the bakers' dispute. Whether any hardship is being involved upon institutions such as hospitals, etc. Further, seeing that the operatives have a desire to do baking for these institutions if the Government commandeer bakehouses for the purpose, is he prepared to act in that direction so as to alleviate any suffering, and in the event of no settlement being arrived at this week, will he commandeer bakehouses so as the men may work for the community until a settlement is reached?


Negotiations between the master bakers and the trade union took place yesterday at the Ministry of Labour, but I regret to say that they were not successful in arriving at a settlement. The employers, have, however, taken a further step to-day and the representatives of the trade union are coming to the Ministry of Labour this afternoon to discuss the employers' proposals. I have not had any representations that hospitals and similar institutions are suffering hardship and I understand that no representations have been made to the Ministry of Food. The last part of the question should be addressed to the Food Controller. As regards the co-operative societies, an agreement was reached last night at the Ministry of Labour, and it is hoped that there will be an immediate resumption of work in their bakeries throughout the country.


May I be allowed to ask the Minister of Food the latter portion of the question, seeing the urgency of the matter?


Has the hon. Member given the Minister notice?


No, Sir.