HC Deb 30 October 1918 vol 110 cc1574-5

(1) The powers of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries under the Tithe Act, 1860, to convert corn rents into tithe rent-charges may be exercised at any time on the application in writing, of the owners of land liable to the payment of the major part in value of corn rents or of the persons to whom the major part in value of the corn rents are payable.

(2) The tithe rent-charge to be awarded on the conversion of any corn rents shall be such as, in the opinion of the Board, is equal in value to the corn rents converted.

(3) The provisions of this Act which relate to redemption of tithe rent-charge shall apply to corn rents, rent-charges, and money payments (other than rent-charges payable under the Extraordinary Tithe Redemption Act, 1886) which are liable to redemption under the Tithe Acts, 1836 to 1891.

Amendment made: After the word "in" ["equal in value"] insert the word "capital."—[Sir R. Winfrey.]

Viscount WOLMER

I beg to move, at end of Sub-section (2) to insert the words Regard being had not only to the amount of the corn rents at the time of conversion but also to the expectation of variation in value on revision in accordance with the provisions for revision applicable to the corn rents. I do so on behalf of the hon. Member (Mr. L. Hardy), and I understand this Amendment is proposed at the request of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners who are very keen about it. It affects the principle on which certain decisions will be made, and I hope the hon. Gentleman will be able to accept it.


This point was brought to the attention of the Board by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, who pointed out that the word "value" in the Sub-section was rather ambiguous. They are now satisfied that capital value was intended.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.


I beg to move, in Sub-section (3), to leave out the words, "which relate to redemption of tithe rent-charge."

My purpose is to make the temporary limitation of variation set up by Clause 1 in regard to tithe rent-charge apply to corn rents as well. The tithe rent-charge will be fixed at a certain figure for the next seven years, and corn rent will go on rising automatically. I do not think that that can be the right hon. Gentleman's intention, and I hope it is not. I think he will find considerable complication if one is fixed while the other is allowed to go on rising in price.


I am afraid this Amendment is not workable. It would apply Clause 1 to corn rents, and that Clause is quite inappropriate for that purpose.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Further Amendment made: In Subsection (3), after the word "shall" ["shall apply"], insert the words, "except as otherwise expressly provided by this Act."—[Mr. Prothero.]

Clause, as amended, ordered to stand part of the Bill.