HC Deb 29 October 1918 vol 110 cc1423-5

(1) This Act shall not extend to Scotland or Ireland.

(2) The Board may, with the consent of the Treasury, make Orders extending any of the provisions of this Act, subject to such modifications as may appear to the Board necessary or desirable, to the Isle of Man or any of the Channel Islands:

Provided that no such Order shall be made unless provision is made to the satisfaction of the Treasury for the payment out of moneys other than moneys provided by Parliament of such portion of any allowance or gratuity as is in their opinion attributable to service in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

(3) This Act shall come into operation on the first day of April, nineteen hundred and nineteen.

(4) This Act may be cited as the School Teachers (Superannuation) Act, 1918.

Brought up, and read the first time.


There is an Amendment in the name of the hon. Member for the College Division of Glasgow (Mr. Watt) to leave out in Subsection (1) the words "Scotland or." That proposal is outside the scope of the Bill, and the way to deal with that point would be by moving an Instruction.


Are we not entitled to move that certain words restricting the application of the Bill shall not be in it. I have seen these words moved out and inserted, and I would ask that you should allow the Amendment to be moved so as to debate the matter. It will not take up much time as it will only mean a question and an answer, and will not prevent the right hon. Gentleman getting a stage of the Bill to-night.


The Bill is obviously not intended to apply to Scotland, and the only way in which the Committee could deal with the matter is by an Instruction. That is the ground on which I base my ruling, and I am sorry I cannot transgress it even to facilitate the progress of the Bill to-night.


I shall oppose the rest of the Bill.


It is not proposed, I understand, to take any further stage of the Bill to-night.

Clause ordered to stand part of the Bill.

New Clause (Exemption from the Provisions of the National Insurance Act, 1911).

The employment in recognised service of any person who is entitled to benefits under this Act shall be deemed to be included among the excepted employments specified in Part II. of the First Schedule to the National Insurance Act, 1911.—[Mr. Herbert Lewis.]


I beg to move, "That the Clause be read a second time."

This Clause is moved not to alter but to apply the provisions of the existing law, and to deal with a position which was not contemplated when the National Insurance Act was passed. Now that a wider class of teachers come under a new scheme, it follows that the exceptions in the original Act should be extended to that wider class.


I object to going on with the Bill without having this new Clause put down on the Paper. It is most objectionable that Ministers who have plenty of time at their disposal, and who are not concerned with the conduct of the War, should come down and propose a Clause of this kind when it is not on the Paper. There was ample time to do so, as they knew there would be a discussion on prisoners of war. The Clause has not been communicated intelligibly to us. We are referred in this Clause to something concerning the National Health Insurance Act. I should like to ask the President what is the precise relation to the National Health Insurance scheme? Under the scheme there are certain provisions by which teachers, like others, are exempted from insurance under certain incomes.


I should be quite willing to fall in with my hon. Friend's suggestion and bring this Clause up on Report.

Motion and Clause, by leave, withdrawn.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Chairman do report the Bill, as amended, to the House."


I should like to draw your attention to the fact that this Bill leaves out the question of Scottish teachers and Irish teachers altogether.


That is not debateable on the Question before the House.

Question put, and agreed to.

Bill reported; as amended, to be considered upon Thursday next.

The remaining Orders were read, and postponed.