HC Deb 20 March 1918 vol 104 cc1030-1

But there is one particular type of standard ship which was designed by the Admiralty in the Department of the Director of Naval Construction in close consultation with the Department of the Controller, and I would certainly like to tell the House something about it. It is known as "N" design, and is technically called the "Fabricated" ship; it is manufactured in parts by repetition throughout the country and assembled at the yard. One of our most successful shipbuilders, after examining it in detail, came to the conclusion that it was so satisfactory and could be built so much quicker that it was in the national interests to cancel certain repeat orders for other standard ships which he was about to lay down, in order to substitute this new "N" type of ship for them. Comparing this type with the type "A," we get 2,470 tons additional D.W. capacity for an extra 11½ feet in length. Each ton of net steel in the new type will yield 4.06 D.W. tons against 3.53 D.W. tons for each ton of net steel in the original type—an increase in carrying capacity of 15 per cent. for each ton of steel. Not, I think, a bad result for these experts branded as "amateurs"! I would like, in passing, to point out that the "N" type of "fabricated" ship is the one which is going to be built in the national shipyards, as well as elsewhere.