HC Deb 06 March 1918 vol 103 cc1953-4
17. Mr. HOHLER

asked the Under secretary of State for War the salary to be paid to the Director of Salvage, the Deputy-Controller of Salvage, and the Assistant Controller of Salvage; what duties each of them were performing immediately before their present appointments, and the salaries they were then receiving; will he particularly specify what are their branches of duty other than in connection with the salvage of old boots and old clothing and the salvage of fats and waste products; will he state fully what justifies the expense of these new appointments; and whether the salvage of boots, old clothing, and waste products are now efficiently and economic ally performed?


I will circulate with the OFFICIAL REPORT the information asked for in the first part of my hon. and learned Friend's question. As regards the remainder, I am afraid it is impracticable to give the full particulars and justification asked for within the compass of a reply to a question, but the answer to the last portion is in the affirmative.

The following is the information mentioned:

The salaries to be paid to the salvage branch are as follows:

Director £l,200 p.a.
Deputy directors £900 p. a.
Assistant directors £800 p.a.

The director was employed as chief constable at £ 1,200 per annum immediately before his present appointment.

The deputy directors were employed — one as senior supply officer of a division, with pay at £520 per annum; one in an unpaid capacity, assisting the Surveyor-General of Supply, and now unpaid as deputy director.

The assistant directors were employed — one as deputy assistant quartermaster-general of a division, at £550 per annum, plus allowances;

One as staff captain at £500 per annum (consolidated);

One as assistant inspector at £520 per annum ;

One as deputy assistant director at £650 per annum (consolidated);

One previously unemployed in military capacity, and now unpaid as assistant director.