HC Deb 24 July 1918 vol 108 c1813

asked the Postmaster-General whether he is aware of the dissatisfaction amongst the temporary staff at the different branches of the Accountant-General's Department on account of, the amount of pay; if he will state what is the rate of pay for temporary clerks in this Department; if he is aware that the temporary women clerks in this Department at Lincoln House, Holborn, are called upon to perform twelve hours' extra duty weekly; if he will state what the rate of pay is for this extra duty; and if he will state the number of resignations and dismissals from the staff at Lincoln House during the last three months?


The normal pay of temporary male clerks in the Accountant-General's Department is 42s. a week, plus 13s. war bonus, and for women the pay ranges from 21s. to 35s., plus 9s. war bonus. I am not aware of any complaint from the women, and a complaint from the men last year was met by an increase beyond 42s. in certain cases.

Owing to shortage of staff at Lincoln House, and the epidemic of influenza, each clerk in good health has been called upon to perform up to twelve hours extra duty a week since the 15th instant, but the extra duty actually performed last week averaged only ten hours, and prior to that date the average was about six hours. The extra duty rate varies from 7d. to 10d. an hour.

The number of resignations from the Lincoln House staff during April, May, and June was thirty-six. There were no dismissals.

I may say that the influenza epidemic has been a serious matter in the Central Telegraph Office, where we have had as many as 700 people off in one day.