HC Deb 23 July 1918 vol 108 cc1652-3

I wish to give notice that at an early date I shall move the following Resolution: That the policy pursued towards Ireland by His Majesty's Government is inconsistent with the great principles for the vindication of which the Allied Powers are carrying on the War; that this policy has greatly alienated and exasperated the Irish people; if persevered in will still further alienate and exasperate them, and will steadily increase the difficulty of reaching a settlement of the Irish question on a basis of friendship between the British and the Irish nations. That this House heartily endorses the principles laid down by President Wilson in his great speech by the grave of George Washington. When speaking of the objects for which America and her Allies are fighting, he said: 'These great objects can be put into a single sentence. What we seek is the reign of law based upon the consent of the governed and sustained by the organised opinion of mankind. These great ends cannot be achieved by debating and seeking to reconcile and accommodate what statesmen may wish with their projects for balances of power and national opportunity. They can be realised only by the determination of what the thinking peoples of the world desire with their longing hope for justice and for social freedom and opportunity.' And that this House is of opinion that the true solution of the Irish question is to put into operation without delay in regard to Ireland the principles laid down by President Wilson in this historic utterance. To-morrow I shall ask the Leader of the House for a day to debate that Motion.