HC Deb 18 July 1918 vol 108 c1203
39. Major NEWMAN

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he has been able to make further inquiries into the antecedents of four brothers of German origin named Wambach, carrying on a business at Colchester, Ipswich, and elsewhere, and of whom three are stated to be naturalised and the fourth still a German subject; and will he say when the three former were naturalised and why this business has not been wound up, as was a similar business known as the Sudbury Casings Company, which the brothers Wambach recently endeavoured to acquire for themselves through a third party, together with the pasture land attached?

The PRESIDENT of the BOARD of TRADE (Sir Albert Stanley)

The business of Wambach and Company at Glasgow was commenced in 1889. I have not yet ascertained when the other businesses were commenced, but I have caused inquiry to be made, and will inform the hon. and gallant Member of the result. Of the three brothers who have been naturalised one was naturalised in July, 1908, and two in June, 1909. As the businesses are not carried on wholly or mainly for the benefit of or under the control of enemy subjects, the Board are not empowered to order them to be wound up under the provisions of the Trading With the Enemy (Amendment) Act, 1916. The business of Bruno Schulze and Sons, the Sudbury branch of which is known as the Sudbury Casings Company, was ordered to be wound up because it came within the scope of these provisions.


Is it not the fact that the business of the brothers Wambach and that of Bruno Schulze and Sons were identical; was it not the making of sausage skins?


No, Sir; they were not identical in that one was under the control of managers and the other was not.