HC Deb 08 July 1918 vol 108 cc34-6

asked the Prime Minister whether he has appointed a Committee of five hon. Members to advise the War Cabinet as to proposed new measures against aliens; if so, on what basis were these hon. Members so appointed, especially whether as a judicial and impartial advisory body or as charged to devise new methods for severer measures against aliens; what was the reference to this Committee; whether they have now reported; whether their Report will be made public; and whether the House will have any opportunity to discuss new methods proposed before they are enforced?


The Prime Minister has invited five hon. Members who have taken considerable interest in this question to submit their views to him for consideration. There are, I am informed, no detailed terms of reference. The hon. Members have not yet forwarded their Report to the Prime Minister, who, however, expects to receive it to-day or to-morrow. There would appear to be no objection to the publication of the Report, and, as the hon. Member is aware, the whole question is to be debated on Thursday next.


Will the right hon. Gentleman say who the five Gentlemen are?


The names have been published. I do not remember them at the moment.


How many of the members of the Committee have made application to the War Office for the release from internment of naturalised or unnaturalised Germans?


How could the hon. Member expect me to answer a question of that kind?


Has the Committee been appointed to make inquiries or is the result a foregone conclusion?


At present it is making inquiries. What it was asked to do was to make suggestions for the consideration of the Government.

65 and 66. Mr. R. McNEILL

asked the Postmaster-General (1) whether an alien enemy of the name of Weise Brandt, employed as a foreman in the Holloway factory, was retired on a pension since the War began; if so, whether this pension is still being paid; whether the man is naturalised or not; and (2) whether he is aware that, shortly after the sinking of the "Lusitania," a petition was signed by nearly all the employés at the stores department and factory at Holloway requesting the removal from that factory of all alien enemies; that the comptroller of the stores department visited the factory and personally censured the foremen for having taken part in the petition, expressing his indignation at their presumption; that he then addressed the employés in condemnatory terms, but finally agreed to forward the memorial to the Postmaster-General; whether such memorial has been received; if so, will he say what is the answer to it; and whether at least half a dozen aliens of enemy birth are still employed in the factory, where work is carried on of a confidental character relating to submarines?

The POSTMASTER-GENERAL (Mr. Illingworth)

I am making inquiries, and will communicate with the hon. Member.