HC Deb 23 January 1918 vol 101 cc973-4

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War if he has received a copy of the Report which a non-party Parliamentary Committee on the relation of military dental service to man-power propose to publish; and, if so, what steps the War Office propose to take in regard to the recommendations contained therein?


My hon. Friend will realise that in an answer to a question I cannot do more than indicate in general terms the views of the War Office on the recommendations of the Committee over which he presided:

  1. (1) The importance of conservative treatment of soldiers' teeth in this country is fully recognised, and frequent instructions have been issued.
  2. (2) Qualified dental surgeons and lorries are supplied as they are demanded by the Commanders in the field, and I have no reason to suppose that they have asked for less than they thought necessary.
  3. (3) Specially qualified dental surgeons are already associated with surgeons in the treatment of jaw cases. There are several centres specially staffed for this work, and if the local medical authorities wanted more the War Office would supply them.
  4. (4) Dentists and dental mechanics are already being withdrawn from combatant units as this becomes necessary.
  5. (5) There is already an inspecting dental surgeon in each command, who supervises the dental work and advises the Deputy Director of Medical Services.


Does the hon. Gentleman mean that there is an inspecting dental surgeon in each command in this country or abroad?


I cannot say offhand. If the hon. Member will put a. question down I will inquire, but my impression is that it refers to this country.


Have all the demands for dental surgeons been able to be complied with?


I am informed that is so.

Colonel YATE

Is there now a dental surgeon to each division?


I cannot at the moment say. I think that in the answer I have given I have fully stated all the steps which have been taken. if the hon. Member would like further information. I will gladly give it.