HC Deb 23 January 1918 vol 101 c1038

The Board of Trade shall have power at any time to require any person who, being a director, partner, manager, or officer of, or the holder of, or person interested in, shares or securities of any company, firm, or individual which has applied for the grant of a licence, or to which a licence has been granted under this Act, is able to give any information as to the constitution, control, or management thereof or the business carried on thereby or the beneficial interest of any person therein or in any shares or securities thereof, to furnish such information within such time as the Board may direct, and for the purpose of obtaining or verifying such information any person appointed by the Board in that behalf shall be entitled to inspect any books and documents belonging to or under the control of such company, firm, or individual.

Amendments made: After the word "require" insert the words "the applicant for a licence, or a licensee, or."

Leave out the words "firm, or individual" ["shares or securities of any company, firm, or individual"], and insert instead thereof the words "or firm."

After the word "Act," insert the words "or by which the applicant or licensee is controlled, or being the manager of the business carried on by an individual, applicant, or licensee."

At the end of the Clause, add the words "the inspection of which may reasonably be required for the purpose aforesaid."— [Sir A. Stanley.]