HC Deb 05 February 1918 vol 101 cc2189-91

Provisions to be Substituted for Part IV. of the First Schedule to 46 and 47 Viet., c. 51, and for Paragraph (3) of Part V. of the same Schedule.

Maximum Scale.

The expenses mentioned above in Parts I., II., and III. of this Schedule, other than personal expenses, shall not exceed an amount equal—

in the case of a county election, to sevenpence to each elector on the register;

in the case of an election for a borough, to fivepence for each elector on the register.

Where there are two or more joint candidates at an election, the maximum amount of expenses mentioned in Parts III. and IV. of this Schedule shall, for each of the joint candidates, be the amount produced by multiplying a single candidate's maximum by one-and-a-half and dividing the result by the number of joint candidates.

Lords Amendments:

After the word "borough" ["for a borough, to fivepence"], insert the words "returning one or two members or a division of a borough returning one member."—Disagreed with.

After the word "register" ["to five-pence for each elector on the register"], insert the words "in the case of an elec- tion for a borough or a division of a borough returning three or more members, to threepence for each elector on the register."—Disagreed with.