HC Deb 01 February 1918 vol 101 cc1985-6

39. These Rules shall apply to Scotland subject to the following modifications, namely:

The Secretary for Scotland shall be substituted for the Local Government Board:

The provision for the transmission of a copy of the register to the Local Government Board shall not apply.

At end of Rule 39, insert the words,

"Rule 2 shall apply as if after the words 'in separate divisions' there were inserted the words 'or otherwise to distinguish.'

"For the reference to Section 24 of the Municipal Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Practices) Act, 1884, there shall be substituted a reference to Section 29 of the Elections (Scotland) (Corrupt and Illegal Practices) Act, 1890."—Agreed to.

In Rule 40 (2, b), leave out the words "be construed as references to registration units," and insert instead thereof the words "not apply."—Agreed to.

At the end of paragraph (5), insert the words,

"in order to give full effect to the foregoing provision, the Clerk of the Crown and Peace for a county borough shall, as respects any Parliamentary borough for which he is registration officer, appoint the town clerk of the county borough to act as his deputy for the purposes of Rules 9 to 14 and for the purpose of publishing the lists and notices to be published under Rules 6 and 8 of this Schedule if the town clerk so desires, and any town clerk so appointed shall, for the purposes aforesaid, have the like powers and duties and be subject to the like liabilities as if he were registration officer.

"Any question which may arise as to what duties are analogous duties within the meaning of the provision aforesaid shall be determined by the Local Government Board, whose determination shall be final."—Agreed to.

In paragraph 6, after the word "the" ["a part of the expenses"], insert the word "registration."—Agreed to.

After the word "him" ["by him. in connection with"], insert the words "on the requisition of the registration officer."—Agreed to.

Leave out the words "or persons in receipt of Poor Law relief."—Agreed to.

After paragraph (7), insert as new paragraphs,

"(8) Rule 2 of this Schedule shall be construed as if the words 'or otherwise to distinguish' were inserted after the words 'in separate divisions.'

"(9) For the direction to the registration officer in Rule 22 of this Schedule to secure that no person is registered as a local government elector in respect of more than one qualification in the areas and for the purposes therein specified, there shall be substituted a direction to secure that no person is registered as a local government elector in respect of more than one qualification in the same district, electoral division, or ward."

Lords Amendment read a second time.


I beg to move as an Amendment to the Lords Amendment, after the word "divisions" to insert the words "and as if the direction as to placing marks against the names of local government electors were omitted."

Amendment agreed to.

Lords Amendment, as amended, agreed to.