HC Deb 08 August 1918 vol 109 c1553

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War whether, when the owner of a house in an East Coast town which was requisitioned when vacant has now the opportunity of letting it for a term of years at a reasonable rent, he has any claim for compensation for loss of rent because the War Department refuses to quit; and, if so, to whom it should be preferred?


If the premises were requisitioned, the question of payment for the military occupation would be a matter for the Defence of the Realm Losses Commission, and the owner could submit another claim to that body if, owing to altered circumstances such as are indicated in my hon. Friend's question, the amount awarded no longer represents the actual loss sustained through the continued military occupation. The Commission would, however, require the War Department to furnish a report on the claim before dealing with it. In the absence of details as to the particular property in question, I cannot say whether, in the circumstances stated, it is possible to vacate the premises, but if my hon. Friend will furnish me with the necessary particulars, I shall be happy to make inquiries.