HC Deb 01 August 1918 vol 109 c619

May I ask you, Sir, if you can favour us with a statement as to the arrangements as to the attendance of Members at the service in St. Margaret's on Sunday, and, further, if you can give us any guidance as to the wearing of uniform on this occasion?

4.0 P.M.


I have been in consultation with the Lord Chancellor and rector of St. Margaret's, and what we suggest is that the House should meet about 10.45 o'clock, though, of course, it will not meet formally. I propose to enter the House at about ten minutes to eleven and leave at five minutes to eleven. The Mace will head the procession in the usual way. I will follow. The Clerks at the Table will follow behind me, and then I would respectfully suggest to the House that it should follow in fours, Privy Councillors coming first and, as far as possible, in the order of seniority, and then other Members following. The procession will go down as far as the Central Lobby, and then turn through St. Stephen's Hall, and out of St. Stephen's Porch, Westminster Hall not now being available. We shall go across the road and between the Abbey and St. Margaret's Church and enter at the West door. The seats reserved for the House of Commons and its officers are all the seats on the south side of the nave. Any ladies—wives of Members or ladies who are relatives of Members—having tickets will be pleased to enter by the East door, and room will be provided for them in the south aisle. It is hoped that they may be in their seats by eleven o'clock. After the service is over the King and Queen will leave first, and after they have gone the Lord Chancellor and the House of Peers will leave in procession as they entered. After they have left I will leave with the Mace. We will reform the procession and return by the same route. If hon. Members will make it convenient to resume their places in the procession and return as far as this House, I think that would be the most suitable and the most dignified course. With regard to dress I would respectfully suggest to hon. and gallant Members who happen to be serving that they should appear in their Service uniform. As far as other hon. Members are concerned they should appear in ordinary morning dress.