HC Deb 27 November 1917 vol 99 cc1820-2
35 and 36. Mr. R. LAMBERT

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department (1) whether he will say what period of time will be occupied in the submission to, and passing by, the official Press Bureau of leaflets under Regulation 27 c; whether to meet the increased strain on the Press Bureau its office accommodation is being enlarged and its staff increased; whether it is intended to reply to every application for permission to print leaflets in the shortest possible time; (2) whether Regulation 27 c will apply to handbills announcing meetings which are intended to be held to consider matters which relate to the present War; and if he will give instructions or make it otherwise clear that circulars announcing meetings and making the objects of such meetings plain shall not be under any new restriction

37. Mr. KING

asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that missionary and other philanthropic societies are issuing leaflets which, in appealing for funds, refer to the present War; and whether he will give an assurance that no bonâ fide philanthropic object shall in any way suffer from the new restrictive Regulation?

40. Mr. WATT

asked the Home Secretary whether all applications for approval of leaflets, under Regulation 27 c, made by persons in Scotland must be sent to London; and whether, in view of the distance and delay involved if applications have to be sent up to London, and of interviews being impossible, some person in Scotland will be appointed to act in this capacity?


asked the Home Secretary if a printed notice calling a meeting at which, amongst other business or exclusively, war and peace problems are discussed, and indicating the resolutions to be moved is a leaflet under the new Regulation issued under the Defence of the Realm Act?


The Regulation will not apply to printed appeals issued in good faith by missionary or other philanthropic societies, nor will it apply to bonâ fide notices of public meetings. But leaflets which are in substance pro-German propaganda will not escape merely by appearing in the form of philanthropic appeals or notices of meetings. Leaflets submitted to the Press Bureau will be dealt with as promptly as possible, and if it should prove necessary the staff will be increased. No alteration in the censorship arrangements with regard to Scotland appears to be necessary.


Are we to take it that the expression "the Regulation will not apply" means that those issuing leaflets and pamphlets such as are indicated need not submit them to the Censor?


As this appears to be a question of controversy, and seeing that I am answering for my right hon. Friend, I think, perhaps, my hon. Friend had better give notice.