HC Deb 26 November 1917 vol 99 cc1751-2

(1) The returning officer or acting returning officer at a parliamentary election (other than a university election) shall be entitled to his reasonable charges, not exceeding the sums specified in the scale of maximum charges framed under this section, in respect of services and expenses of the several kinds mentioned in the said scale which have been properly rendered or incurred by him for the purposes of the election.

(5) The Court for the purposes of this Section shall be, as respects an election in the City of London, the Lord Mayor's Court; and elsewere in England and in Ireland the ocunty Court having jurisdiction at the place of nomination for the election to which the proceedings relate; and as regards Scotland " the Court" shall mean the Auditor of the Court of Session.

Amendments made: In Sub-section (1), leave out the words "or acting returning officer."—[Sir G. Cave.]

In Sub-section (5), leave out the word "Lord." —[Mr. Hayes Fisher.]