HC Deb 23 November 1917 vol 99 cc1531-2

asked the Home Secretary whether he is satisfied, from the past working of the Press censorship, that all independent writing on the War and on the terms of enduring peace can safely be Submitted to the judgment of that Department; and whether the officials to whom the manuscript of pamphlets is submitted will allow the publication of any views which do not coincide with their own?


The answer to both questions is in the affirmative.


asked the Home Secretary if he will state more fully the precise effect of the proposed censorship over leaflets and pamphlets relating to the War and the terms of peace; whether the new Regulations are intended as a step toward the suppression of all opinon except such as is acceptable to the Government; whether the Government will use large sums of public money to flood the country with official statements whilst using the censorship to suppress independent expressions of opinion?


I would refer the hon. Member to the terms of the Regulation. 270. The answer to the second and third, parts of the question is in the negative.