HC Deb 15 November 1917 vol 99 cc565-6
50. Major NEWMAN

asked whether Members of the Irish convention are under any obligation, implied or otherwise, to silence as to the proceedings or as to the form of government for Ireland which they may eventually recommend to this House for discussion; whether both for Press and for the ordinary individual a Regulation has been issued under the Defence of the Realm Act making it unlawful to publish any report or statement, or to describe or to refer to any proceedings of the convention assembled at the invitation of the Government; and, if so, will he say who is responsible for the licence accorded to certain English newspapers who are in favour of what is known as dominion self-government for Ireland to interview members of the Convention, discuss the probable outcome of the deliberations, and apportion in advance blame for a failure to arrive at a satisfactory finding?


I have not seen the publications complained of. The Regulation which was issued under the Defence of the Realm Act prohibiting the publication of reports of proceedings of the Convention has been, I think, generally ,observed.


Are these reports submitted to a censor before publication? Does the Irish Censor see them?


I fancy that they are dealt with in the same way as other reports of this kind. They are not submitted to a censor, but if the Regulations are infringed notice will be taken.


Are these papers receiving immunity because they happen to support the Government?