HC Deb 15 November 1917 vol 99 cc562-3
43 and 44. Mr. RICHARD LAMBERT

asked the Home Secretary (1) whether he is inquiring into the allegations made by certain newspapers that Bolo spent money in this country to influence opinion; whether any of these newspapers have supplied him with the facts upon which they based their allegations; whether he has, inquired into them, and with what result; (2) whether he has observed that in France the examination of those alleged to have held corrupt and treasonable transactions with Bolo are confined to writers in and proprietors of jingo newspapers, financiers, and company promoters of a certain established reputation, and society ladies; and whether, in making his inquiries here into Boloism, he will search in the ruts in which Bolo operated in France?


asked the Home Secretary whether his attention has been drawn to the fact that Bolo, on behalf of the Pan-Germans, financed, to the extent of £16,000, a French newspaper devoted to promoting the demand for the annexation of the Soar Valley; and, in view of the fact that certain British journals have been supporting this propaganda, will he cause inquiries to be made in this connection when investigating the alleged activities of Bolo in this country?


These questions refer to matters which are under investigation by the police, and it is obvious that if, at the present stage, I were to describe the course of their inquiries, I should only be assisting the enemy.


Are we to understand that the right hon. Gentleman will pursue inquiries in regard to the Jingo Press, seeing that Bolo financed the Jingo Press in France, and will he make inquiries in this direction here?


I have given my answer to the three questions.