HC Deb 12 November 1917 vol 99 c18

asked the Home Secretary whether the firm of August Reichwald, Limited, of Finsbury Pavement House, E.C., are Government contractors; whether this firm are or were Krupp's London agents; whether any members of the firm were arrested on the outbreak of war, and, if so, on what grounds they were released; whether he is aware that one of the Reichwald family. served in France as an officer of our Indian Army; that he left France at the request of the French authorities, and thereupon changed his name to Blaker; and whether under that name he is now employed in our Intelligence Department or in any other Government Department?


I understand that this firm are not Government contractors, and that prior to the War they were Krupp's London agents for goods other than war material. The senior member of the firm, who became a British subject in 1893 and is now over seventy years of age, was placed under arrest for a short time at the beginning of the War while inquiries were made, about him, but as nothing was found to suggest disloyalty he was released almost at once. The rest of the question relates to matters which do not concern my Department.