HC Deb 22 March 1917 vol 91 cc2047-8
34. Mr. WATT

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether his attention has been drawn to the fact that one issue of a paper of the circulation of the "Sketch" will consume as much paper as the whole bill-posting trade throughout the Kingdom will consume in a week; and, if so, will he say whether his Department still considers it advisable to stop the bill-posting trade and continue comic papers?


I have no information as to the amount of paper consumed by individual newspapers, but their supplies are at present being severely restricted. As I have already indicated, I cannot undertake to prescribe which newspapers and periodicals shall and which shall not be published, within the limits of the supply of paper that still remains available.


Is it not time to review the position, and would it not be advisable to restrict the waste of paper used in advertising non-essentials and luxuries'?


That does not arise.

35. Major NEWMAN

asked whether the informing of the public of the contents of newspapers they may wish to purchase by means of slates or on specially prepared linen surfaces has been forbidden under any article of the Paper Restriction Order, 1917; will he give the exact connection between the restriction of the use of slates and of paper; and is he aware of any crisis in the slate supply of this country which has made their restriction for this purpose necessary?


By the Paper Restriction Order, 1917 (No, 2), the restriction upon the exhibition of contents bills of newspapers and periodicals is extended to posters or advertisements of a similar character of whatever material they are made. The object is not merely to save the paper consumed in the production of the contents bills, but to restrict the circulation of the papers which they formerly advertised. In view of the urgent necessity for confining the consumption of paper to essential national needs, I feel sure that all concerned will loyally co-operate with the Government in this matter.


asked whether a printed slip may be attached to a wholesaler's bill indicating the local retailer of the article advertised, as has been the custom?


No, Sir. It is not permissible to mention the name of a retailer on any poster placed on exhibition by a wholesale dealer after 24th March.


Is the hon. Member aware that a great number of these posters have been printed, that permission has been given for their distribution, and that they are of no value unless they are allowed to draw attention to them by attaching a printed slip indicating the local retailer of the article advertised?


Permission is only given under the conditions of the Order. Therefore those who have secured permission are quite aware of the restrictions.