HC Deb 20 March 1917 vol 92 c35

asked whether the recommendations of the Judicial Parliamentary Air Inquiry, presided over by Mr. Justice Bailhache, have been carried into effect; whether any of the aeroplanes in which our airmen are sent up to fly at night are still of the same type, if not actually the same machines, as those which have been condemned in France as unsuitable for the purpose owing to their liability to engine troubles; if he can say whether any of the aeroplanes now used for night flying in Great Britain are of the type known amongst airmen as dud machines or machines with Royal Aircraft Factory engines with twelve cylinders such as have been condemned in France; and whether any of these machines and engines are still in use in France?

Colonel CRAIG (Treasurer of the Household)

My hon. and gallant Friend the Parliamentary Secretary to the Air Board {Major Baird) has asked me to reply to this question in his absence. The answer to the first part of the question is that the two major recommendations of the three contained in the main Report have been substantially adopted. The answer to the second part is in the negative; to the third and fourth parts that it is not understood to which type of aeroplane the hon. Member refers, but as regards the engine which he mentions that he is incorrect in stating that it has been condemned in France. This type of engine is now in use in France and elsewhere, and the reports upon it are satisfactory.


Can the hon. Gentleman say if the engines now being used in France are considered to be satisfactory? If so, can he account for the fact that I have received a letter sent by a young officer who was killed—


The hon. Member must wait until the Parliamentary Representative of the Air Board is here.