HC Deb 19 March 1917 vol 91 cc1533-4

asked the Minister of Munitions if he can sec his way to permit clergymen, who have hitherto been using motor cars or cycles, to get the supply of petrol necessary to enable them to attend to the sick and dying and to discharge other religious duties in their respective parishes or districts in which they officiate?


My right hon. Friend has asked me to reply to this question. The Petrol Control Committee hope to be able to continue to allot a small quantity of petrol to clergymen who require the use of a car or cycle in connection with their professional duties.


Is it not most important that clergymen should have the amount of petrol they require for performing their duties in visiting the sick, and is it not a fact that throughout the greater portion of Ireland, with the majority of the Irish people, the priest is sent for before the doctor, and is the hon. Gentleman also aware that doctors have cheap petrol and plenty of it while clergymen are deprived of it, and will he see that clergymen get the necessary quantity?


In common with the several Members of the House I appreciate the services rendered by clergymen and especially in the instance mentioned by the hon. Gentleman. I can say that consistent with the supply every effort will be made to ensure that their wants are satisfied.