HC Deb 05 March 1917 vol 91 cc18-9

asked the Home Secretary whether, in view of the increasing number of fatal accidents within the London area due to the insufficient lighting of the streets, he will consider the necessity, in the interests of the public safety, of consulting the responsible authorities in order that street lighting may be materially increased?


I cannot agree with the suggestion that the increase in the number of fatal accidents is wholly or mainly due to the darkening of the streets. The number of such accidents occurring in daylight has increased in almost exactly the same proportion as those occurring at night. I did a short tune ago, after taking the advice of experts on the subject of the lighting of the streets in war-time, have a consultation on the matter with the military authorities and with representatives of the local authorities in London, with the result that alterations have been or are being made in the method of obscuring the public lamps which will, I hope, considerably improve the diffusion of light in the streets.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether the increase of accidents by daylight is not due to the absence of periodical tests of eyesight of drivers of vehicles?


I will inquire into that. I imagine it must be due to inexperience and too rapid driving.

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