HC Deb 21 June 1917 vol 94 c1972

(by Private Notice) asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) whether there is any foundation for the report that potato disease has developed in Ireland, and, if so, what steps the Department is taking to deal with the situation?


I regret to say that the Department has reecived information that potato blight has appeared within the last few days in some districts. The disease so far is chiefly among the early varieties. The districts affected are King's County, Waterford, Kerry, and Galway. Provided the weather remains what it is at present, there is nothing very alarming in the outbreak, but a spell of wet weather would undoubtedly make it serious. The country is this year better equipped for dealing with this disease than it ever was before. In addition to the spraying machines already in use, 10,400 hand-sprayers have this year been secured for Ireland, and 500 horse-sprayers have also been added to the stock previously existing. Six thousand tons of copper sulphate, with an equivalent amount of soda crystals, have been got into the country, and an adequate quantity of materials for the treatment of the entire crop can be obtained at once. The great difficulty, however, has been to get the farmers to order their supplies in advance.


What price are you charging them for the sulphate of copper?