HC Deb 19 June 1917 vol 94 cc1601-2
39 and 40. Mr. A. K. LOYD

asked the President of the Board of Agriculture (1) on what basis the quota which each county is required to contribute to the 3,000,000 acres of additional arable now in contemplation has been arrived at; (2) whether the basis for arriving at the quota of additional arable was the same for all counties or varied with the acreage of grass land of a quality suitable for cereal cropping?

The PRESIDENT of the BOARD of AGRICULTURE (Mr. Prothero)

In estimating the contribution which it is suggested that each county might make to the national programme of 3,000,000 additional acres under corn and potatoes, the circumstances of the local agriculture were considered, including the total cultivated area, the nature of the climate and soils, the proportions of land now and formerly under tillage crops, and the general character of the stock farming.


la there any particular period in the past, within which the laying down of arable land to pasture is considered a sufficient reason for now calling for its restoration to arable?


No. There is no particular period. The figure of 1872 was only a sort of datum-line.

Captain Sir B. STANIER

Have the figures now been revised, and, if so, on what basis?


It is a fact that the figures originally given have been revised, and the reason mainly is that there is a much larger contribution than we expected from Ireland and from Scotland, and there are other variations which are set out in the papers now in the hands of the Executive Committee.


Will the right hon. Gentleman put the House in possession of these revised figures?



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