HC Deb 15 June 1917 vol 94 cc1383-4

Resolution reported, "That it is expedient to authorise the payment out of moneys to be provided by Parliament of expenses incurred by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries under any Act of the present Session for encouraging the production of corn, and for purposes connected therewith, and by any other Department or body to which any powers or duties are entrusted in pursuance of such Act."

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House doth agree with the Committee in the said Resolution."


I hope the Government will defer this. It is not on the Whip, and I understand quite a number of hon. Members who were unable to speak in Committee would like to speak on Report.


It may well be the case that on the last occasion there were many Members in different parts of the House who desired to speak and had not the opportunity, but the afternoon is young, and they could use the period that remains.


The Government itself moved the Closure at three o'clock three weeks ago and at four o'clock last week, as quite a number of Members now like to get away by train for the week-end before five o'clock. I had some remarks to offer, but the Irish prisoners at the moment are more upon my mind and their fate is much more important, but I do not think the Government ought to try to put this through.


I shall be very anxious to meet the views of my hon. Friend. There is time to deal with it now, but, as far as I can observe, there is no one except him who desires to debate the Resolution. If there is no one anxious to speak, it would be futile and a waste of time to postpone it.


The business for to-day was announced, and this business relating to the Report stage of the Corn Production [Expenses] was not announced as going to be taken or even contemplated for to-day. Therefore, is it not reasonable for us to say that many right lion, and hon. Gentlemen who wished to take part in the discussion are absent to-day in ignorance that it was going to be called?

Question put, and agreed to.