HC Deb 08 June 1917 vol 94 cc517-8

asked the Chief Secretary if he will state the number of Irish national school teachers, male and female, respectively, who are now paid salaries under £25, £30, £35, £40, £45, and £50 a year, respectively; whether he is aware that, at present prices, they cannot feed and clothe themselves and de pendants on these salaries; whether teachers in this country are paid such salaries; and when increases will be paid to the Irish teachers?


All ordinary principal and and assistant teachers of national schools receive salaries in excess of £50 a year, except the teachers of small schools in which the average daily attendance is less than ten. The teachers of these small schools, numbering approximately fifty-five, are almost exclusively women, and are paid at a capitation rate of £4 per annum for each unit of average attendance. This rate includes an ordinary capitation rate of £3 10s., residual capita- tion, and an additional capitation Grant of'5s. per pupil. In such cases it is expressly stipulated that for a school the teacher of which is untrained the local aid should be such that the total emoluments of the teacher from State and local sources should be not less than £44 per annum, and for a school the teacher of which is trained the local aid should be such that the total emoluments of the teacher from State and local sources should not be less than £51 per annum. Junior assistant mistresses, who are recognised under specified conditions in schools in which, as a rule, the average attendance of pupils would not warrant the recognition of ordinary assistants, are paid less than £50 a year. These teachers, numbering approximately 2,280, are divided into two classes:

  1. (a) Junior assistant mistresses paid at the rate of £24 per annum, in cases where the average daily attendance at the schools warrants such appointments.
  2. (b) Junior assistant mistresses employed in mixed schools under masters, in which the average attendances do not warrant payment of full salary. In such schools payment is made to a teacher of this class at the rate of £6 for each quarter in which the average attendance of girls is at least twenty. If the average attendance of girls is less than twenty for any quarter the junior assistant mistress is paid for that quarter a capitation Grant of 5s. for each girl in average attendance.
The number in class (a) is about 2,100, and in class (b) about 180. Every junior assistant mistress of either of these classes receives the war bonus of 4s. a week, and each of them who has completed two years' efficient service- is eligible for an, additional Grant at the rate of £4 per annum. The question of the revision of the salaries of teachers is being dealt with by the Commissioners of National Education, and T expect their complete proposals at an early date.