HC Deb 12 July 1917 vol 95 c2091

asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) the exact number of cases reported to the Department for non-compliance with the Compulsory Tillage Regulations in county Tipperary; the number of cases in which exemptions were granted by the Department; and what action the Department propose to take in reference, to the cases of non-compliance, other than the twenty-nine holdings they have entered or are about to enter, under the powers conferred by the Defence of the Realm Regulations?


I do not consider it would be in the public interest to give the particulars asked for. I may observe, however, with regard to the cases, numbering thirty-five, in which exemption has been granted, that exemption was given mainly in respect of the grazing of cows, the milk from which was supplied for human consumption. The Department's inspectors are engaged in visiting the holdings which have been reported upon as not having been cultivated in accordance with the Defence of the Realm Regulations, and it is probable that the Department may have to enter upon a number of these holdings in addition to the twenty-nine holdings already mentioned.


Were any of these exemptions given to farmers living at very considerable distances from large towns?


No exemptions have been given except for a specific purpose. If farmers have yet to be reached by the inspectors the hon. Gentleman may rely upon it that they will be overtaken before 31st December.

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