HC Deb 27 February 1917 vol 90 c1987

Sir DANIEL GODDARD reported from the Committee of Selection; That in pursuance of the provisions of the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 1899, they had selected the following fourteen Members to form the Parliamentary Panel of Members of this House to act as Commissioners: Sir John Ains-worth, Major Anstruther-Gray, Sir Henry Craik, Mr. Currie, Mr. Harry Hope, Mr. John Deans Hope, Mr. Mackinder, Mr. Millar, Mr. Morton, Sir John M'Callum, Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Watson, Mr. Watt, and Mr. Wilkie.

Sir DANIEL GODDAKD further reported from the Committee; That they had nominated the following Members to serve on Standing Committee A: Sir James Agg-Gardner, Mr. Alden, Mr. Archdale, Sir John Barran, Sir William Beale, Mr. Bowerman, Mr. Burns, Mr. Butcher, Mr. Cator, Mr. Chancellor, Sir William Collins, Mr. Dalrymple, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. George Faber, Mr. Fell, Mr. Ferens, Mr. Fox, Sir George Greenwood, Mr. Rupert Gwynne, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Cecil Harmsworth, Mr. Henry Percy Harris, Mr. Gordon Harvey, Mr. Haslam, Mr. Higham, Mr. Hills, Mr. Haydn Jones, Mr. Leif Jones, Mr. Keating, Sir Francis Lowe, Mr. Ramsay Macdonald, Mr. Ronald McNeill, Sir Philip Magnus, Sir George Croydon Marks, Mr. Millar, Mr. Nicholson, Mr. Nield, Mr. Nugent, Mr. O'Malley, Mr. Pennefather, Mr. Perkins, Sir Owen Philipps, Mr. Kendall, Mr. Charles Roberts, Sir Herbert Roberts, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Rowntree, Mr. Solicitor-General, Sir John Spear, Sir Albert Spicer, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Theodore Taylor, Mr. Thomas-Stanford, Mr. George Thorne, Mr. William Thome, Lord Alexander Thynne, Mr. Turton, Mr. Watson, Mr. Whiteley, Mr. Tyson Wilson, and Viscount Wolmer.

Sir DANIEL GODDARD further reported from the Committee; That they had added to Standing Committee A the following fifteen Members (in respect of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill): The Lord Advocate, Mr. Brace, Secretary Sir George Cave, Sir Henry Craik, Mr. Bartley Denniss, Mr. Dillon, Mr. Hayes Fisher, Mr. Glyn-Jones, Mr. King, Mr. Hugh Law, Sir George Radford, Mr. Rawlinson, Mr. Herbert Samuel, Commander Wedgwood, and Mr. Aneurin Williams.

Reports to lie upon the Table.