HC Deb 26 February 1917 vol 90 c1667
13. Mr. LOUGH

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether the export of tea, coffee, and cocoa is now or about to be prohibited to all foreign countries, except under licence, or is it the intention to prohibit such exports to countries contiguous to enemy countries; will it be permissible to continue the export to those having no direct communication with enemy countries, whether situate in Europe, North or South America, or elsewhere; is it proposed to prohibit the importation into this country of coffee and cocoa; is it intended to restrict the import of tea equally from foreign countries and our own Dominions; and, if not, to what extent will the prohibition apply, respectively?


The export of coffee, cocoa, and tea was prohibited to all destinations by Order of Council on the 19th February last, and I am informed by the War Trade Department that licences for export will be issued only for small quantities after consultation with the Ministry of Food. The import of these articles is also prohibited, but in the case of tea and cocoa licences will be given for the admission of a certain quantity from British Possessions.


Does the answer mean that no importations at all of tea will be allowed from foreign ports?


That is how I understand it.

Colonel YATE

Does this prohibition extend to small parcels sent to prisoners of war and to soldiers serving at the Front?


I think that is why the Food Controller takes power to admit of licences being granted in such cases.

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