HC Deb 14 February 1917 vol 90 c606
26. Captain DOUGLAS HALL

asked the Under-Secretary for War if Driver E. J. Phillips, No. 192571 Army Service Corps (Mechanical Transport), 2nd Army headquarters garage, British Expeditionary Force, aged thirty-six, married, one child, voluntarily enlisted in November, 1915, and was put in Group 40 as driver mechanic in the Army Service Corps (Mechanical Transport) at the rate of pay of 6s. per day; if he was called up in June, 1916, and shortly afterwards was sent to France and for the last six months has been driving at the 2nd Army headquarters; if, when he got his pay-book, his rate of pay was 2s. 4d. per day; and, if so, will he explain why this man's pay has been reduced as it falls heavily on his wife, to whom he can only allow 1s. 9d. a day instead of 4s. 6d., and who consequently gets, with the child's allowance, £1 6s. 3d. instead of £2 5s. 6d.?


A group man could not be enlisted at a special rate of pay unless he joined immediately. When this man joined the special rate of 6s. a day was not in force.