HC Deb 13 February 1917 vol 90 cc449-50

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, whether in the case of naval officers who are sent into hospital suffering from lung trouble, contracted on service, if special treatment is required they have to provide it at their own expense; whether they have to give an undertaking to indemnify the Admiralty Against all claims; and whether, if at the expiration of ninety-one days they are not absolutely cured, they are immediately invalided out of the Service?

The FIRST LORD of the ADMIRALTY (Sir Edward Carson)

Naval officers who are admitted into hospital with pulmonary tuberculosis contracted on service, are treated in a naval hospital at the expense of the Admiralty unless they wish to be treated in an outside institution, when they have to undertake their own care and treatment and the expense of such treatment. They are not invalided after ninety-one days' treatment, but at the expiration of this period their full pay -ceases and they are put on half pay. These Regulations have recently been brought to my notice and, in my opinion, are not satisfactory; and the question of an alteration in the Regulations affecting the care and maintenance of these cases is now before the Board.


Will my right hon. Friend also at the same time take notice that men who are in that position lose all their pay at the end of the ninety-one days?