HC Deb 19 April 1917 vol 92 cc1813-4
37. Mr. FLAVIN

asked on what basis the Advisory Committee have fixed the amount that is allowed to be cleared during the half-year ending 30th September, 1917, and how are the authorities under both heads (wines and spirits) issued as instalments of what traders are entitled to; and when traders may expect that their applications will be fully dealt with and authorities finally issued by the Advisory Committee for the quantities that they are entitled to in lieu of the present instalment system, which leaves wholesale dealers at a standstill and threatens their complete extinction under the restrictions on clearances of spirits and -wines from bond which came into operation on 2nd April, 1917?

Mr. BALDWIN (Lord of the Treasury)

My right hon. Friend has asked me to answer this question. The basis on which clearances during the half-year ending 30th September, 1917, are being allowed, namely, 25 per cent, of the clearances in the year 1916, is fixed by a rule made by the Treasury under Subsection (2) of Section 4 of No. 270 Statutory Rules and Orders, 1917. The applications for the grant of authorities necessitate inquiry in the majority of cases, and, in order to facilitate the transaction, of business, provisional authorities sufficient, so far as can be seen, to meet current needs are in such cases being issued;. they will be dealt with fully as soon as practicable. If, in any case, the provisional authority is insufficient, it is, of course, open to the person concerned to-make application for an extension.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that these restrictions-strike Ireland much more severely than any other part of the United Kingdom, as 95 per cent. of Irish houses are free houses owned, occupied and stocked by the tenants, whereas in this country the majority of the houses are tied, and therefore the people have not the same interest as in Ireland?