HC Deb 31 October 1916 vol 86 cc1498-9

asked the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs whether the neutral countries have made any protest to Germany with regard to their treatment of British and other prisoners of war; and what steps are being taken to keep a complete record of German atrocities since the outbreak of hostilities?


We are not aware of any neutral country having protested to Germany as to her treatment of British or other prisoners of war. Steps have been taken to keep a record of German breaches of International Law since the outbreak of hostilities.

11. Sir R. COOPER

asked the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs whether the 7,000 German prisoners who are to be ox—changed for 600 British prisoners are in all cases men over forty-five years of ago; are they to be at once repatriated, or are they to be given the option of remaining in the United Kingdom; and, in the latter case, will such prisoners be given their freedom?


The arrangement for the mutual repatriation of British and German civilians, which is now being negotiated, applies only to men over forty-five and only to those who desire to go. It is not proposed to release those who do not desire to go. I should explain that the numbers involved are not yet definitely known.


Why is it that those who do not desire to go back are given the option?


The hon. Member should give notice of that.