HC Deb 24 October 1916 vol 86 cc937-8

asked the Secretary of State for War whether the German bayonet is six inches longer than the British bayonet, thus placing our soldiers very often at a disadvantage; that it is admitted that the German rifle is also superior to ours; that the German rifle can use British cartridges, while the British rifle will not take the German cartridge; and that the German cartridge clip is neater and handier than ours; and whether he will take steps to remedy these defects in the interests of our soldiers?


The point raised in the first part of the question was dealt with in the answer given on the 19th May, 1915, by the present Secretary for Scotland to the hon. Member for the West Toxteth Division of Liverpool. It is not admitted that the German rifle is superior to the British, nor that the British cartridge can be used in the German Mauser rifle. The Army Council do not propose to alter the designs of the rifles now being produced and issued to the troops.