HC Deb 11 October 1916 vol 86 cc88-9

(by Private Notice): I beg to ask the Prime Minister whether the proposed Royal Commission to deal with the supply and distribution of wheat will proceed by examining competent witnesses, considering evidence as to traders' difficulties, and reporting to Parliament, or whether it will set to work without inquiry on the model of the Sugar Commission which has raised the price of a vital necessity 166 per cent., expends large amounts of public money, imposes a burden of taxation, the amount of which cannot precisely be ascertained—


Those are all argumentative points. This question has never been submitted to me. The right hon. Gentleman told me he wished to ask when a Debate could be raised as to wheat. That is what I understood from him.


I apologise for having put in anything before the main question, but we are placed in great difficulty by the form of the announcement. I beg to ask the right hon. Gentleman whether the House will have an opportunity of discussing this most important matter before the Government monopoly is established?


If the right hon. Gentleman puts down the question on the Paper I will answer it.