HC Deb 27 November 1916 vol 88 c22
32. Mr. FELL

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if the attention of the Income Tax authorities is being directed to the number of persons who are making large profits out of commissions on contracts and otherwise owing to the vast expenditure on the War, and who have no offices and live at hotels and temporary residences and hope by this means to avoid the payment of Income Tax, Super-tax, and War Profits Tax; and will he say how he proposes to collect the tax without taxing the profits at the source from which they are derived?


This important matter is engaging the attention of the Board of Inland Revenue, and I shall be much obliged if my hon. Friend will be good enough to communicate to me any suggestions that he has for strengthening the law in this connection.


May I be allowed to suggest that contracts should contain a clause to the effect that every person receiving a contract from the Government should be an agent for the Government and deduct the Income Tax from any commission which he pays?


I will be glad to consider any suggestion of the kind.