HC Deb 15 November 1916 vol 87 c760
13. Mr. PETO

asked whether any report-has been received as to the circumstances connected with the sinking of the cross-Channel vessel "Queen"; and whether any blame attaches to the captain for the loss of the vessel?


Yes, Sir. A report has now been received; and, so far from the Admiralty attaching any blame to Captain Gates, a consideration of that report has caused their Lordships to send to Captain Gates an appreciation of his conduct on that occasion.


May I take it, therefore, that since the receipt of that report the Admiralty have modified the views which the First Lord of the Admiralty put before the House on the 31st October, namely, that if the captain had realised that the ship would have remained afloat six hours he need not have lost the ship?


The report to which I refer undoubtedly throws a new light upon the matter.