HC Deb 02 November 1916 vol 86 c1825
68. Mr. FELL

asked the Minister of Munitions if his attention has been directed to the question of carbonising high volatile coal at low temperature and the benefits to be derived from it for the production of explosives, and the great saving of coal effected by the process; and if the Government engineers are following up the recent discoveries in this direction?


My attention has frequently been directed to the question of low temperature carbonisation of coal, and the subject is receiving close consideration. Its advantages from the explosives point of view are still problematical. My technical advisers are following up all the recent developments in this matter most carefully.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware of the great increase in the use of this process in Germany, and unless we are up and awake we shall find we are left, as in some other things?


I am quite aware of all that, but I am also aware of the fact that the coke produced is of very little use to us.